• Construction of structures and devices

    With the latest methods and quality applicable

  • Advanced workshops and facilities

    Professional and extensive and parallel service delivery

  • Quality control

    Accurately and with standard and qualitative methods

  • تجهیزات و پرسنل مجرب

    ماشین آلات و تجهیزات و پرسنل مجرب حرفه ای و متخصص

Workflow Process

latest projects

Co2 steel industry tank

Project Address : Hamedan
Project Weight : 6500 tons
Year of construction : 2019

Sina class parking

Project Address : Hamedan
Project Weight : 2500 tons
Year of construction : 2012

Comprehensive Cancer Prevention Center Hospital

Project Address: Hamedan
Project Weight: 4500 tons
Year of construction: 2018

Industrialization with bolt joints

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